duende nicola

Duende Nicola

The Flamenco Dancer

Flamenco – Expression of passion, perce-ption of the body, melancholy, pride and mysterious erotic. The dance, originating in the slums of Andalusia during the 18th century, symbolises the Gitano's escape of the daily hardships. Performed with fantasy and egocentricity, this dance has followed it's tradition right into present times and has been declared a world cultural heritage in 2010.

Duende - This rarely accomplished highest form of exertion and ecstasy in the Flamenco dance inspired the artist in 2002. The “Duende Nicola” epitomises controlled elegance, movement, grace and passion. She is the Queen of Flamenco.

Carved from a 4 ton block of Carrara marble which was selected in Italy by the artist himself, he gave life to the dancer with his sculptural craft. She represents the first work of the cycle “Dancers of the World”.

8 Years

For 8 years the artist worked on his vision of Duende Nicola. 8 years of creation, of mental and technical challenge.

The result of these immense efforts is the unique, exciting and representative sculpture which embodies the enchantment and beauty of the Flamenco with it's variety of fast foot techniques (dance steps).